About Aakash

Aakash Hospital is one of the very few institutions providing multi-specialty healthcare services and excellent laparoscopic surgical care in Chennai. Aakash Hospital is an ISO 9001:2008 certified & NABH Pre acceredited organization, with a passionate team of experienced doctors & surgeons and now aiming to acheive NABH accereditation very soon. Our hospital strives hard to excel in our services with a well-coordinated team of nurses & supporting staff, along with state-of-the-art technology and advanced medical diagnosis & treatment, situated in North Chennai.

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Why Aakash ?

Medical checkup

Blood and urine tests, x-ray, ultrasonography,and cardiac test, etc.,

Gyn Care

Diagnosis and treatment of issues affecting the female reproductive organs

Nursing Services

Satisfying the nursing needs of the patients/community.

Clean Environment

A clean environment is one that is void of any form of pollution and its effect.


A place where medicines are compounded or dispensed.

Expert Doctors

Get an Expert Medical Opinion from one of our specialists

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Message Corner

Aakash hospital warmly welcomes you! Aakash hospital was started with 5 beds in 2005. We have been sincerely serving the people of Chennai, for the last 12 years. We claim with pride to have played an active part in the evolution of fine healthcare facilities in North Chennai.


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