emergency and casuality
Emergency & Casualty
A seven bedded emergency ward with ventilator, defibrillator, monitors & ECG machine with 24 hours coverage by Casualty Medical Officers.
Critical Care Unit
An eight bedded CCU & four bedded CT ICU with 24 hours Cardiologists and nursing staffs available.
In-House Pharmacy
A 1000 sq.ft pharmacy having more than 10,000 drugs with 5 pharmacists & 24 hours service.
X-RAY, CT & USG Facility
We have Digital X-Rays and 16 slice scanners for greater accuracy with Radiologists & Radiographers available 24 hours for any emergency.
We have a fully automated Biochemistry Pathology, Histopathology, Microbiology & Serology lab with technicians available 24 hours.
Fertility & IVF Lab
We have an efficient fertility centre and an IVF lab with Gynaecologists, Embryologists & nursing staffs available 24 hours.
Neuro Lab
We have an efficient Neuro lab operating 24 hours with sophisticated ICU available for patients with head injuries.

"Our vision is to provide affordable, accessible and quality service to all."

About Us

Aakash Hospital is one of the very few institutions providing multi-specialty healthcare services and excellent laparoscopic surgical care in Chennai. Aakash Hospital is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, with a passionate team of experienced doctors & surgeons and now aiming to acheive NABH accerediation very soon. Our hospital strives hard to excel in our services with a well-coordinated team of nurses & supporting staff, along with state-of-the-art technology and advanced medical diagnosis & treatment, situated in North Chennai.

Very closely located to the famous Aathipureeswarar temple, Aakash Hospital grew from mere 5 beds to its current property spread across 50,000 sq.ft. It now boasts of 120 beds (with 8 beds in ICU only) and 20 departments. The hospital strives every day to fulfil their vision of “Being affordable & accessible, 24X7, without compromising on quality of diagnosis & treatment offered”.

From being one of the premier healthcare centres in North Chennai, Aakash Hospital is today, one of the most renowned healthcare centres in Chennai.


Aakash hospital shall provide quality healthcare with compassion and competence using current best medical practices.


Aakash hospital is committed to provide general medical care with safe and ethical medical treatment to its patients with love and care, by applying quality management systems through continual improvement of the process.

The Brand

Brand ‘AAKASH’ believes in proving only best quality service in medicine and healthcare. It strives to build an ecosystem where one exists with the help and support of another. The Hospital provides services that are accessible 24X7, and affordable with no compromises on quality. This has helped the brand establish itself as reliable and trust worthy among its patients and their loved ones.

The logo of ‘AAKASH Hospital’ conceives the human values of trust, strength, and hope. The Logo contains two ‘Cross’ symbols (one ‘green’ and the other ‘white’) and two ‘Sun’ symbols (one ‘red’ and the other ‘white’). A cross by itself is a universal medical sign which is representative of how Aakash Hospital is a “One Stop Service” for all medical fields. The white cross is representative of purity and faith and the green cross represents power of healing and compassion. The Red Sun and the White sun together symbolize the dawn of new life with determination, energy, passion, strength, power, love and faith. The brand aspires to service all health and medical needs under a single roof.

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Message Corner

Dr. A. Selvarajakumar M.S. Founder, MD
Aakash hospital warmly welcomes you! Aakash hospital was started with 5 beds in 2005. We have been sincerely serving the people of Chennai, for the last 12 years. We claim with pride to have played an active part in the evolution of fine healthcare facilities in North Chennai.

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ISO Certification

Our Group Hospitals

  • Aaditya Cardiac Care
  • Aaditya Fertility
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